Links I Like

Links I Like

2-8-14 DIY links
1. Give your friends cute little Valentine’s Day plants. They’ll last longer than flowers!
2. These leather conversation hearts look like a fun little project.
3. Make over your shoes by adding leather accents.
4. This DIY arrow leather bracelet will help remind you of your goals.
5. Punch up your walls with cheap and easy washi tape wall decals.
6. Learn how to make your own watercolor mirrors. They could be really neat on a larger scale.

Portland doesn’t normally get much snow, if any. Last year there was none. But we’ve gotten several inches in the last few days, and it’s coming down pretty hard as we speak. I’ve been posting photos on my instagram.

Despite the snow, this lookbook from Salt & Straw made me want ice cream. I bet there’d be no line today….

Whoa, these ankle boots are out of control.

How to create a bronze smokey eye in 7 simple steps.

I know it sounds macabre, but this profile of a local “green” undertaker is really interesting.

These glasses are on my wishlist.

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