Greetings from Australia!

Greetings from Australia!

sleepy kangaroo

As of today (Monday) I’m still in Australia, but I’m leaving for home tomorrow. Thanks to hyper-fast future travel, my trip will only take 40 minutes! Ok, sadly it just looks that way on paper due to the weirdness of time zones. The bad news is, regular posts have been difficult during this trip because the internet has been pretty slow/unreliable everywhere we’ve stayed, so this will be my last one before I get home. But the good news is, that will be soon, and in the meantime here are some photos of adorable Australian creatures I encountered while I was in Perth.

baby kangaroo
Looks like too many limbs, right? But this guy was just using another koala (not even his mother, according to the keepers) as a bed. Cheeky!
“Hey, you got any snacks?” wonders this quokka.

With the exception of the quokka, who lives on Rottnest Island, the rest of the animals lived in Caversham Wildlife Park.

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