Closet Makeover

Closet Makeover

So remember this tiny room, with its super gross carpet and bright blue walls? Here’s a reminder:

Last week I tore out the carpet, and intended just to repaint the floors and leave the walls for another day. Underneath the carpet, the wood was painted brown in some areas and red in others. But once I got the carpet up and started trying to figure out the floor situation, I realized that I should repaint the walls first before doing the floor. So the whole room (even the ceiling was blue) got a major refresher with Benjamin Moore in Icicle (wall paint on the walls and trim, and latex floor & patio paint on the floors:
white closet 1
white closet 2

white closet 3
I can’t believe how much better it looks! What was dingy and gross is now bright and fresh. And along the way I got to fill a lot of nail holes, learn how to remove stripped screws, and buy a nail punch and power sander. Here are the steps I followed, in case you want to paint your floor.

How to Paint a Wood Floor White

1. Pull a billion nails from the floor. Use a nail set to recess any stubborn nails that can’t be removed.
2. Patch a billion holes with wood filler.
3. Sand floor. I used this Bosch random orbit hand sander.
4. Sweep, then vacuum well.
5. Clean all surfaces very well with TSP. Allow to dry.
6. Apply a coat of white primer. I used Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3.
7. Apply three coats of paint with a roller, waiting overnight between coats.

This is the kind of DIY fun I’ve been having lately, ha. Totally different from the projects I usually tackle, but really satisfying!

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