Photo Finish | 25 July 2014

Some experiments with bleach and denim. Not sure what exactly I’m going to end up doing with it, but I like where it’s going.
7-25-14 PF 1
It may not sound super exciting, but this week our big accomplishment was that we finally finished painting our front porch. It’s been a long odyssey of stripping off carpet (ew), carpet glue, and old paint, and then repairing old, damaged wood. The painting itself was really the easy part. And now we can hopefully actually enjoy the porch while there’s still some summer left.
7-25-14 PF 5
Some lava rocks and a sticker, our souvenirs from our trip to Crater Lake.
7-25-14 PF 2
We’re lucky enough to have friends visiting Portland this weekend, so I made up a bouquet to make the house look extra special. The mums (or dahlias? I’m not sure) and roses are from the store, the rest was foraged from our yard.
7-25-14 PF 3
I think I might have a houseplant addiction. This is my newest specimen, a variegated philodendron. Isn’t it pretty? On the left is my desert terrarium, which is doing pretty well these days.
7-25-14 PF 4
This week I made my own sourdough starter and baked up a couple of loaves. I used this recipe.
7-25-14 PF 6
Have a wonderful weekend!

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