Photo Finish | 1 August 2014

This week, I made the following discoveries:
That Dot’s, practically a Portland institution, is still rad after all these years. And their food never disappoints.
8-1-14 PF 6
This graffiti, on some speed bumps down on a riverside bike trail:
8-1-14 Photo Finish
That our neighbors a few doors down have ducklings in their front yard. They’re in the front “because the chickens are in the back yard and the quails are on the side of the house.” Don’t worry, they’re eventually destined for a pond.
8-1-14 Photo Finish
That a nearby restaurant (Interurban), has artisan orange marmalade pop tarts on their menu.
8-1-14 Photo Finish
Oh Portland, you’re so silly.

That this poor little unsuspecting cat is about to get eaten by a wild jungle beast!
8-1-14 Photo Finish
That zucchini is amazing on a pizza. I need to make this again soon so I can post a recipe.
8-1-14 Photo Finish
That one of my favorite spaces in the house is my closet. I’ve made it into a little sanctuary, and I love it.
8-1-14 Photo Finish

Have a fantastic weekend!

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