Sew a Leopard Fold-Over Clutch

Sew a Leopard Fold-Over Clutch

DIY leopard fold-over clutch tutorial
Leopard is one of those classic patterns that comes back year after year. While it might look kind of out of place in the middle of the summer, when the temperatures drop and everyone heads back to school, it looks just right. Like colorful leaves or pumpkin spice lattes (which everyone seems to like but me), there’s a time and place for a good leopard pattern. I didn’t always like leopard-print, but somehow over the course of several years, it grew on me. Maybe I’ll wake up one day with a craving for one of those lattes everyone is crazy about. Until then, I’ll save my cash in this faux leopard clutch, waiting for the return of peppermint mochas (now those are delicious).
DIY leopard fold-over clutch tutorial

DIY leopard fold-over clutch tutorial
Outer fabric – I used a microfiber leopard print similar to this one.
Lining fabric – I used a synthetic lining fabric, but you could use a lightweight cotton or linen.
Fusible interfacing – I used a lightweight version for the lining, and a heavier version for the outer fabric
Magnetic bag closure – Similar to these.
Sewing machine – I used a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

1. Cut out a piece of your outer fabric, and a piece of the lining fabric, each 12.5 by 25 inches.
2. Fuse the interfacings to the wrong sides of the pieces of fabric, following the instructions for your specific interfacing. (At this point I also serged the edges of the leopard fabric to keep it from raveling, but that’s optional.)
3. With the right sides together, sew the lining fabric and outer fabric together along the short edges only.
4. Turn the fabrics right-side-out, and iron the seams you just sewed. Measure and mark the location for the magnetic snap 1 inch from the short edge and 6.25 inches from the sides (centered). Use the metal backing piece as a stencil to mark where the holes for the prongs should go, then snip through just the lining and insert the prongs of the snap. Add an extra square of interfacing on the back side, and place the backing on the prongs of the snap. Use the pliers to securely fold the prongs towards the snap’s center. Repeat on the other short end of the clutch.
5. Turn the bag inside-out again, and sew all of the edges together, leaving a 3-inch gap in the middle of one of the long sides. Turn the back right-side out through the gap.
6. Topstitch along the short edges. Tuck the seam allowances of the unsewn gap inside, and pin. Fold the clutch in half so that the exterior fabric sides are together, pin in place, then sew both of the long sides together.
7. Turn the bag right-side-out, snap it closed, and fold in half.

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