Links I Like

9-6-14 links
1. This striped mini lantern garland would make a perfect party decoration.
2. Make your own impressive tripod floor lamp.
3. A towel ladder would look great in a beachy bathroom.
4. Love this gold chair upgrade.
5. Another take on stitched watch straps.
6. Stencil a fabric banner for a daily reminder.

This tomato beet salad is so colorful and delicious-looking!

Ooh, such pretty earrings.

Portland just got a ton of cool new murals. Here’s a map to see them all in person.

Urban Outfitters is just killing it with the textiles lately. I especially love this quilt.

These slip-ons look perfectly effortless but still cool.

The prettiest way to make coffee I ever did see.

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