Photo Finish | September 12 2014

This past weekend we attended a wedding in the woods. We stayed in a cabin…
9-12-14 PF 1
…hiked through the woods…
9-12-14 PF 2
9-12-14 PF 3
9-12-14 PF 4
…gazed at the ocean…
9-12-14 PF 6
…took extremely serious photobooth pictures (in which yes, I wore flannel)…
9--12-14 PF 9
…and learned what to do if you encounter a bear or cougar.
9-12-14 PF 5
(Luckily we didn’t end up needing to know.)
It was extremely beautiful, and a whole lot of fun to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen in years.

This week I picked up a little piece of Halloween decor. I’m thinking of painting it, but can’t decide between black or white. I’m leaning toward black. Thoughts?
9-12-14 PF 7

There’s an Apartment Therapy contest (Room for Color) going on right now that I’m thinking of entering, but the commenters on that site are so mean that I’m having second thoughts. I love our front room, so I should probably stop being a big baby and just do it, right? I already took the photos.
9-12-14 PF 8

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