Links I Like

Links I Like

You guys, I finally got out of the hospital! I’m still totally busted, but at least I’m busted at home, where I can cuddle with my husband and cats while my bones heal. There’s gotta be some therapeutic value in that, right? Trust me, there definitely is. Plus, the food at home beats hospital food any day. Not that I can currently cook, but I can order take-out, and my parents are currently here taking great care of me. I can’t mention enough times how grateful I am for the friends and family who have rallied around us–every kind or encouraging comment on here/twitter/facebook helps! Reading my favorite blogs and sites is my other savior right now, and I found some cool links while recuperating. Enjoy!
9-27-14 links
1. Make this cool geometric copper pipe light.
2. Love this easy take on a fringe skirt.
3. Go bold with a retro diamond wall mural.
4. Sew your own faux leather lattice tote.
5. Update your heels by adding scallops.
6. Beautify your notebooks with a touch of gold.

Three DIY dry shampoo recipes.

Ooh, love these boots.

I literally haven’t worn any makeup in weeks, but I can’t wait to try these tips for perfect winged eyeliner.

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