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Although I’m getting a little better day by day, I’m still not back to crafting form. Which is hard, because there are so many tempting projects out there! I think I’m going to have to figure out which ones can be done from bed, and perhaps enlist Steven or my mom as my  crafting assistant.  But for my more able-bodied readers out there, here are some fun links.
10-4-14 links
1. Turn a piece of scrap wood into a rustic wooden tealight holder
2. Glam up your plants with this silver-leaf planter.
3. Pour your own concrete-top coffee bar.
4. This painted geometric accent wall looks like an easy project with a great payoff.
5. These crepe-paper mums are so pretty it’s hard to believe they’re made out of paper.
6. Boo! Get in the Halloween spirit with these spooky coffin candy boxes.

With all of the health and daily challenges I’m facing lately, I’m trying to remember to be positive. So “How to Stop Being a Pessimist” is especially timely.

Ooh, these exclusive Pendleton blankets sure look perfect for curling up under on a brisk fall evening.

Yum, these homemade instant miso-sesame noodles sound delicious!

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