DIY Holiday Candle

DIY Holiday Candle

Today I decided to whip up a little holiday table decoration just in time for Thanksgiving. A row of these candles would look great on a festive table, and because they’re made with rosemary, they smell good, too. They’re a perfect project to put together while watching your favorite holiday tv movie. Which means you don’t have to feel guilty about watching it, because you’re multitasking. Holiday win!
rosemary candle

Pillar candle
Rosemary or other greenery
Twine or yarn

1. Snip the rosemary into pieces about 2 or 3 inches long.
2. Wrap the twine around the candle twice, tie a bow, and cut.
3. Tuck the pieces of the rosemary beneath the twine, working your way around the candle. To help “fluff up” the greenery, as you tuck, gently pull free rosemary needles that get stuck under the twine. Trim the bottom of the springs to help even them up.

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