DIY Mint and Gold Mini Tray


DIY Mint and Gold Mini Tray

DIY gold and mint mini tray
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It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve finished a project, even though it’s only been since September. Over two months is a long time for me to go without making anything, though! Lately I’ve really been feeling a lot better as I’ve been recovering from my many injuries, and I think I may finally be able to get back into the swing of things soon. Which is good, because I was getting pretty down about not being able to do many of the things I enjoy.

This is a quick little project I tackled to beautify something with a very utilitarian origin. I bought this wooden tray because after my accident, I had too many pill bottles on my bedside table, and I kept knocking them on the floor when I was fumbling for pills in the middle of the night. And picking them up off the floor wasn’t easy–I couldn’t even put my own socks on at first, so life was pretty difficult post-accident. This tray solved that problem, and luckily, now it’s not an issue any more. So now I just have to decide whether I want to keep it by my bedside to corral incidentals, or use it for tea and snacks. A much better problem to have.
DIY gold and mint mini trayHere’s how to transform your own plain wooden tray into something prettier.

Wooden tray – I bought mine at Michaels, but I can’t find it online. This one is similar.
Paint – I used Martha Stewart satin finish paint in “Pea Shoot” and “Metallic Gold.”
Sealer – I used Martha Stewart multi-surface durable matte finish.
Adhesive cork
DIY gold and mint mini tray
1. Sand: You may or may not need to do this step. The wood on my box was a bit rough, so I spent some time sanding it out with fine sandpaper to get it nice and smooth before painting. After I was done, I wiped the dust off with a damp cloth.
2. Prime and paint: Before painting raw wood, it’s a good idea to prime it. After your primer is dry, paint the tray with one or two coats of paint, waiting the time recommended on your bottle of paint between coats. If you’re planning to cover the bottom of the tray like I did, you can skip painting that part.
DIY gold and mint mini tray

DIY gold and mint mini tray
3. Paint the cork: Measure the inside bottom of the tray, and cut out a piece of adhesive cork to match these measurements. Then paint the cork with the metallic gold paint. It’ll probably require two coats. Let it dry completely.
DIY gold and mint mini tray
4. Insert the cork: Test the fit of the cork in the tray, and trim if necessary. Peel the backing off of adhesive on the back of the cork, and carefully insert it into the bottom of your tray. If there are any bubbles, you can pierce them with a small pin.
DIY gold and mint mini tray

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