Make a Hanging Himmeli Plant Holder

Update: I’ve since switched out the plant in my hanging himmeli plant holder. Here’s the new one:
DIY himmeli plant holder

DIY himmeli plant holder

The plant is a type of Tradescantia pallid (Wandering Jew) that is very easy to grow.

DIY himmeli plant holder

DIY hanging himmeli plant holder
DIY hanging himmeli plant holder

After I made my geometric himmeli gems, I couldn’t decide quite where to put them. This one went over a plant on my bookshelf, and I knew that I wanted to dangle the other two from the ceiling, but I couldn’t make up my mind where. Clearly what I needed was more, right? Well, kind of. Things often look better in odd-groupings, so when I decided I wanted to hang two of the gems in my bedroom, I needed one more to properly round out the grouping. And I wanted to add a plant to the mix, but I’ve never been able to keep an airplant alive, no matter what I try. A plant in a pot I can definitely do, though, so a himmeli planter seemed like a safe bet. I whipped this little guy up surprisingly quickly, added some cup hooks and fishing wire, and now I have a cool new piece in my bedroom.

Here it is from the other side of the french doors that lead to my closet:

DIY hanging himmeli plant holder

If you want to make your own, I used this little pot, and the same supplies and steps as in this tutorial post, but cut the following pieces of the brass tubing:
(4) 6-inch
(4) 2.75-inch
(4) 2.25-inch
(8) 2-inch
himmeli plant hanger
The 2.75-inch pieces make up the bottom point, the 2.25 pieces make up the square base holding the pot, the 2-inch pieces make up the triangles holding the top of the pot, and the 6-inch pieces are at the top.

Just for good measure (and to give you a better sense of how it goes with the room), here’s a bit of the rest of the bedroom:


We just got a rug, which was kind of the final piece we needed to finish the room, so I’ll have to share a full tour soon.

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