DIY Himmeli Geometric Gem Decor

DIY Himmeli Geometric Gem Decor

How how to make a DIY himmeli geometric gem
Before I started this project I thought the hardest part would be figuring out how to put the shapes together, so I started by practicing with some cocktail straws. I worked out all the kinks with the straw prototypes, and then I moved on to the brass tubing versions. It turns out that cutting the brass tubing takes a lot longer than just snipping straws with scissors. Set aside a serious chunk of time to watch your favorite shows while you measure and cut tubing. Or, take the faster route and make your gem out of straws, then hit it with a couple coats of metallic spray paint.

Either way you make it, when you’re all done cutting straws or tubing and stringing everything together, you’ll have a cool diamond shape. And I know that in my inspiration post I mentioned that I was the most drawn to the hanging mobile version of these shapes, but when I finished this one I realized it would be a perfect plant cage.
How how to make a DIY himmeli geometric gem
We all know you can’t let your plants run around willy-nilly. What if they attack your wooden owl, like the one on the right is threatening to do? Keep your plants contained!


How how to make a DIY himmeli geometric gem
For both versions:
Wire – I used both 26 and 28 gauge wire, but found the thicker (26) gauge wire was better for the brass tube version. You could probably use either, though.
Needlenose pliers (optional)

For the straw version:
Cocktail straws

For the brass version:
1/8″ brass tubing – I bought mine here.
Tube cutter – I used one similar to this one.
Pliers (optional)


1. Measure, mark, and cut the straws or brass tubing. A gold sharpie worked for marking the black cocktail straws, and I used a black sharpie for marking the brass tubing. Use the scissors to cut the straws, and the tube cutter to cut the tubing. I found that holding the brass tubing with a pair of pliers (but be careful not to scratch or dent the brass!) while rotating the tubing cutter made things easier.  Cut 6 pieces each of 14 cm, 6 cm, 4.5 cm, and 3.5 cm.
How how to make a DIY himmeli geometric gem
2. This is how I assembled my ornament, but the order in which you put the wires together isn’t super important. You could probably freestyle it, but I did find that looking at how other people did it helped me visualize how to create the shapes.

If the wire isn’t where you need to add another piece, loop it around a joint and run it back through the tubing to where you need it. If you run out of wire, add more by twisting two pieces together for a couple of cm and hiding the join inside the straws/tubing. Just be careful not to create kinks in the wire.

Cut a piece of wire about 18 inches long with the wirecutters. Create a triangle by stringing on two 14 cm pieces and then a 6 cm piece. Add another 6 cm piece, then another 14 cm piece to create another triangle. Loop the wire around the wire already at the top of the triangle, and add another 14 cm piece, then another 6 cm piece, and loop the wire around one previous point, then back through that 6 cm piece of wire. Keep adding 14 cm and 6 cm pieces until you’ve created the top diamond portion of the shape.
How how to make a DIY himmeli geometric gem

3. Add a 3.5 cm piece, a 4.5 cm piece, and another 3.5 cm piece. Loop the wire around the wire at the nearest joint, then down back through the 3.5 cm piece. Add another 4.5 cm piece, then a 3.5 cm piece, and repeat the process until you’ve created the bottom portion of the diamond. Wind the wire tightly around the nearest joint to secure it, then snip the wire and tuck the end inside of the nearest tube.
How how to make a DIY himmeli geometric gem
4. If you made this out of the brass tubing and you’re using it as a plant cover/table ornament as opposed to a wall hanging, you might want to reinforce the two bottom hexagons to make sure the gem keeps its shape. (Since the straws are lighter weight, this step probably isn’t necessary if you made the straw version.) Run a length of wire through the tubes that make up the circumference of each hexagon. Tuck the ends in as you did above.
How how to make a DIY himmeli geometric gem
Of course I couldn’t stop there. I’m working on some more projects with these shapes.
How how to make a DIY himmeli geometric gem
Check back soon to see what else I’ve got in store for these shapes!

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8 thoughts on “DIY Himmeli Geometric Gem Decor

  1. Rocio, it depends! If you’re talking about an air plant, which is very light, I bet it would be fine. But a plant in a clay pot with dirt would probably be too heavy for plastic. In that case I’d go with brass tubing. You can probably find some at your local hardware store.

  2. Hey Rachel! I ADORE this tutorial, thank you!

    I’m planning on making these for wedding centerpieces, how many shapes did the tubing you linked to make? (Basically trying to calculate the length of tube needed per shape)

    Thanks again!

    1. Whitney, so glad you like it! And what a great idea to use them as wedding decorations–I bet that will be lovely.
      Just adding up the lengths and converting to inches, it looks like one of these would take about 66 inches of tubing, so a little less than two of the 36-inch tubes. They come in packs of 5, and I’ve made three shapes with a tube left over, but the other two are the less-complicated diamond ( and the plant holder (, which use less tubing. Hope that helps!

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