Lucky Vintage Finds

Before painting our kitchen took over my life, I got pretty lucky in the vintage finds department. Between thrift stores and flea markets, I was bringing home some treasures. Which I’m sure means I’ll soon have a dry spell where I can’t find anything good. Because that’s just how it works–it can’t be all treasures all the time (unless it is for you, in which case I’m super jealous). So what have I found?

A pretty copper watering can with a great shape. Probably not real copper, but who cares?

finds 7
A cut glass decantur so we can pretend to be fancy when we drink whiskey.
finds 5
These amazing brass deer bookends. I had to be careful not to talk the girl at the Portland Flea who was selling these into keeping them. Good bargaining move, me.
finds 1
finds 4

This neat brass candleholder. It’s such an interesting shape.
finds 2
Last but certainly not least, this amazing wool cougar sweater. No one else was looking for sweaters on the 90° day I bought this at the Portland Flea, so I got a bargain even if I have to wait to wear it.
finds 6

I guess I’ve had good luck with metal lately. Used to be that I wouldn’t touch brass, but I think that living in a house with old brass doorknobs and plates made me like it. Vintage brass has so much more character than the lacquered shiny brass that was common in the ’80s. So now that I’ve come around to liking it, I’m wondering about how many brass treasures I passed by over the years. Ah, c’est la vie!

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2 thoughts on “Lucky Vintage Finds

  1. Rachel, what great finds. I love the watering can too. I really have been missing thrifting. I love when you find the perfect treasure.

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