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Like every human with a heart, I feel terrible when I hear about tragedies like the one in Paris yesterday. They happen way too often, and I always want to express my sympathy and solidarity, but this just doesn’t seem to be the proper place. Yet it doesn’t seem right to just carry on as usual without acknowledging the awful thing that has happened. We are all Parisians today.
11-14-15 links
1. Who knew leaf-printed textiles could look so elegant.
2. The simplicity of this candle holder is perfect.
3. Match your lamp to your walls with this wallpaper lampshade.
4. Recycle leather garments with these fun leather pouches.
5. This peppermint mocha candle seems like it would smell heavenly!
6. I love these cute creature coffee cup cozies.

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3 thoughts on “Links I Like

  1. Dear Rachel, I think, this is absolutely a proper place to share your emotions about what has happened in Paris. Everywhere is a right place, because we want everybody to know, that we will mourn with the victims and their families and friends and that we will resist these bestialized terrorists! We will not call the refugees from Syria to account for this, but help them to live in freedom. We will stand up against the virus of hatred and intolerance. Yours Birgit from Germany

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