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We finally got a Christmas tree a couple of days ago, and now that it’s up and decorated, I’m feeling the Christmas spirit. But I think it needs some more ornaments, so I’ll be working on some of those this weekend. Plus trying to get a billion other things done, as it seems like everyone is doing this time of year. Hope your weekend is full of lots of fun holiday activities!
12-12-15 links
1. These brass globe lights are so good that I’m trying to figure out a place to use them in my home.
2. I can see these moss wall letters being used for many different occasions.
3. This faux industrial felt basket would make the perfect container for gifts.
4. Definitely going to use some of these woodland printable gift tags on my presents this year.
5. This rope light looks really beautiful (and easy!)
6. Next time you see a rug you love, consider sewing it into a bag.

Still need more holiday decorating ideas? Try these inexpensive projects, or these DIY wreaths.

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