Best of Links I Like 2015

Best of Links I Like 2015

This is my last links roundup of 2015, so to celebrate, I went back through all of the links I shared in 2015 to pick out some of my favorites. I’d completely forgotten about some of the cool stuff people have made, so I was happy to have a reminder of lots of projects I’d still like to try. If you’ve got some free time over the holidays, now would be a great time to tackle one of these.
best of links 2015
1. Wood cheeseboard
2. Eucalyptus garland
3. Chunky wool chair pad
4. Shag rug
5. Stenciled feminist t-shirt
6. Gem mirror
7. Gold foil pillow
8. Stone and brass necklace
9. Knit cowl
10. Triangle shelves

All of the best videos I watched in 2015 involved adorable animals. Those are pretty much the only videos I watch, honestly.

If anything ever loves you as much as this rescued fox loves this guy, you’re a lucky person.

This rottweiler really wants to make sure this cat is clean.

The guy in this video is my role model for cat ownership.

This zoo lynx and homeless domestic cat became best friends.

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2 thoughts on “Best of Links I Like 2015

  1. When we got married, my step-mother gifted my husband and I a drop leaf table. We finally purchased our own table, and i kept the middle piece to use as a cutting board for my sewing. I wish i’d looked into how easy making a cheese board was; I probably would have kept the leaves to make cheese boards. I’m really regretting getting rid of them now, it would have been a meaningful gift. oh well, c’est la vie! thanks for the ideas!

    1. Aw, they could have worked for that, Lindsi, but maybe not, and you can’t keep everything that’s potentially useful without turning into a hoarder, so don’t feel bad. (That’s the pep talk I give myself when I get rid of something I realize later I maybe could’ve used.)

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