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This weekend I’m going to try to get a lot of random stuff done, like tiling the landing of my back stairs, buying a folding table, and cleaning up my basement. I wish I could fit in some of these projects, but I’ll be pretty busy. Don’t get jealous of my very glamorous life, ha!

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1. Keep warm in this cute spotted knit hat.
2. These raindrop magnets would be a fun addition to a fridge. (You’ll need Google Translate for this one.)
3. These deer corncob skewers make me laugh.
4. Make a pretty concrete and brass ring tray.
5. Use this eye stamp gift wrap to wrap up some of my eye magnets for eye overload.
6. Display your business cards in style with this wooden card holder.

Lilly the deer and her sweet rescue story are a must-read if you’re an animal lover. The pictures alone are worth the click.

If you have New Year’s eating resolutions, this article about how to trick yourself into eating less is really interesting. Turns our your environment plays a huge part in how much and how you eat.

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