Welcome to DIY in PDX!

Welcome to DIY in PDX!

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Welcome to my new site, DIY in PDX!

Since I started blogging in 2009, the blog world has changed enormously. What was once just a hobby has become a viable profession. Throughout those years of evolution, DIY projects and tutorials have been a huge part of my content (see my DIY archives for evidence). For a long time I’ve thought that the name and styling of my blog should better reflect this. So I moved my years of content to this new site that I designed.

The DIY (do it yourself) part of the name is obvious, but if you don’t live in or near my hometown of Portland, Oregon, you might not know that the city has a lot of nicknames, one of which is PDX. It’s actually the city’s airport code, so I was slightly worried that people might think that this blog is about DIY projects in the Portland airport. (It’s not, but I’ve probably knit there while waiting for a flight.) It’s about all kinds of DIY projects that encompass decor, fashion, food, and design. I take most of the photos you see here, sew, do some light woodworking, make jewelry and accessories, knit, cook and bake, garden, do home renovation, and I’m always trying to learn new skills. If I don’t know how to do something myself, I can probably learn, and I’ll be happy to share the journey here via regular updates.

I also want to feature the work of the creative people who inspire me. Do you have a project, technique or recipe that you’d like to share? Please send me an email at rachel@diyinpdx.com so we can talk about how we can collaborate! In addition to this new site, I also have a new RSS feed, twitter, instagrampinterest username, and bloglovin’ feed. I’d be thrilled if you followed or dropped me a line via any of those methods.

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