Marble Madness

Marble Madness

Although I’ve already done plenty of marble DIYs (like marble and copper candleholders, marble photo stands, and marble geometric ornaments), I’m not at all sick of the material. In fact, I think I might like it even more, especially combined with metallics. It’s such a soft, natural design element in both fashion and interiors, and you might be surprised to discover that it isn’t limited to tiles and countertops. Here are some unexpected uses of marble I’ve found.


marble madness

sunglasses | lamp | necklacecrop top | leggings | watch | duvet cover | earrings | beads | throw pillow

Part of the reason marble is on my mind is that I recently made myself some marble jewelry. Well, marble-esque. Most beads that look like marble are actually white howlite. The earrings and necklace below are made with howlite beads that I bought at Michaels. (The rose gold chain and findings are also from Michaels, though I can’t find them online.)

marble jewelry

I’m not actually sure what the beads in the earrings below are, since I bought them last year at local bead store Dava Bead and Trade. The aqua stones might be chrysoprase, but I wouldn’t put money on it.
marble jewelry
I suspect that one of the reasons howlite is substituted for marble is weight. The chunky necklace on the right is vintage, and I think the beads are real marble, because the necklace is heavy. But it’s more proof that marble looks good with every type of metal, from rose gold and copper, to brass, gold, and silver.
marble jewelry

I used to want real marble countertops in our kitchen someday, until I read the opinions of people who have them. They seem like they’re a lot more trouble than I’d want to deal with, so I think I’d go with one of the substitutes if I were putting in new counters. But real marble hexagon or subway tiles still seem like a good idea on floors, backsplashes, or in bathrooms.

How do you feel about marble? Are you still into it, or over it? Do you care if it’s real or faux?

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2 thoughts on “Marble Madness

  1. You have made beautiful jewelry. I think that “cold materials” like marble and stones are ideal for the summer accessory. What comes to furniture and home decor it is always a stylish option 🙂 I would like to learn marble painting technique that they used in wooden furniture some time (~ 100 years?) ago.


    1. Sannu, thank you! I’ve seen modern versions of faux marble painting on furniture online, and it looks really good, but it seems like it would be difficult to get right. But I’m sure you could do it with practice. Good luck if you try it!

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