Weekend Inspiration + May Recap

Now that June is here, I thought I’d recap my May projects and recipes, because I did some fun DIYs in the last month that you might’ve missed. If you’re looking for a weekend project to do or recipe to try, maybe one of these will strike your fancy. What will I be working on this weekend? New DIYs, of course!
May 2016 DIY recap

Gem and mineral tote bag | Concrete cat grass planter
Concrete and gold plant pots | Soap rocks
Bolo wrap necklace | Concrete ring cones

May 2016 food recap

Garam masala, chocolate espresso, and honey chipotle pretzel flavored peanut butters | Chocolate coconut granola
Soyrizo spinach hash brown waffles | Chana Masala Indian food nachos

I don’t want to neglect the rest of the internet, so here are some other cool projects I’ve come across recently.

Need some new lighting? Here’s a tutorial on how to make a brass light sconce.

Make your own pretty rosewater sprays.

As soon as I saw the original gorgeous fringe chandelier making the rounds, I knew someone was going to make a DIY version, and here it is.

Love the natural simplicity of this fern-stamped wrapping paper.

If you’ve ever struggled with where to set your ice cream cone, you need to make yourself an ice cream cone stand.