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The US needs better gun control

This weekend is practically guaranteed to be better than last weekend, isn’t it? So many people have been hurting in the last week, people who didn’t even know anyone in Orlando, but are nevertheless sharing the pain. I can only hope that out of the sadness and anger, we’ll finally find the courage to make real changes to our gun laws. (I know you don’t come to my blog for political commentary, but this is something I can’t keep quiet about anymore.)

We could all use some extra kindness this weekend. And that includes you! Spend time with people you love. Eat good food. Learn something new. Do something creative. Need something to take your mind off of all of the terrible things people have been doing lately? Maybe some of my links will help distract you.

Actual useful techniques to train your brain to be more positive.

Transfer flowers to fabric with a hammer.

I need everything in this shop, but especially the pins.

Three great interior design tips from Emily Henderson.

Add a little surprise to the inside of your cabinets with photo wallpaper.

These roasted peach popsicles look amazing.

Make a cement and copper garment rack.

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One thought on “Weekend Inspiration

  1. Birgit Muenchen says:

    Dear Rachel,
    once more, we lost beloved people by the virus of hatred. This time, we, as Europeans, are with you; as you were with us after the traumatic events in Paris and Brussels shortly. We are all looking for a friendlier, peaceful world and we should not give up to be open minded and open hearted!
    Yours Birgit from Germany

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