Weekend Inspiration

cute pink mixer
I already shared this on my instagram, but last weekend we ended up in a random resale shop, in a part of town we’d driven through but never explored, and we found this vintage pink “Super Mixette.” That pink and chrome looks so pretty on our shelves, and it still works. Sometimes I see people talk about how they have to talk their husband into pink furniture or accessories in their house, so I feel lucky that it was Steven’s idea to get the mixer. He’s a keeper for sure, and I love exploring unexpected places together. Who knows where we’ll end up this weekend!

Make this acrylic shelf for way less than the store-bought version.

This raw chocolate tart with a cashew coffee crust looks too good.

Need something healthy to eat before dessert? Ok, try mediterranean quinoa bowls with roasted red pepper sauce, butternut squash, kale, and pepitas tacos, kale salad with avocado chipotle dressing, or lentil-chickpea veggie burgers with avocado green harissa. If you still need more options, check out my vegetarian food board.

Really into the graphic simplicity of this woven wall art.

Make a fun triangle leather pouch to carry the essentials.

I want to give this DIY beet lip and cheek stain a try, how about you?

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