Weekend Inspiration

Ponytail Falls, in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
Last weekend we visited Horsetail Fall and Ponytail Falls, where we hiked up behind the upper falls. (It was easier than it sounds.) This weekend is looking like it’ll be a good one, too. We’re going to hit up a cat benefit at local hard cider brewery Reverend Nat’s, and see the new Ghostbusters and Star Trek at a drive-in. Have you ever been to a drive-in? I know there aren’t too many left, but we’re lucky to have the 99W Drive-In nearby. We went last summer, and it was really fun!

Weaving on a forked branch looks like a fun project. I may have to go out to the woods again to collect sticks!

Turn a plain basket into a picnic basket for your next meal in the park.

OH my gosh, I love this owl rug.

Need a meal plan for the weekend? I suggest Mexican street corn nachos for dinner, and lemon curd ice cream for dessert.

Build this gorgeous slatted wood headboard.

This week I baked cardamom berry oatmeal crumble bars, and made DIY leather catchall bins.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration

    • Chloe, you should definitely try to do it this summer! I recommend signing up for their email list at http://www.99w.com/ to get notifications of what they’re playing, because it’s pretty hit or miss, but sometimes they have good double-features. Oh, also, if you stay for both movies, be prepared for a late night–we didn’t get home til 2:30! It should get a little earlier as the sun sets sooner, but then they close for the winter.

      It was great meeting you in person, we should do it on purpose next time 🙂

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