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black and white kitchen with wood floors
For the past week I feel like I’ve been all over the place, taking photos for many different projects at the same time. One of them involved my kitchen, which I had to clean the hell out of first. That’s an aspect of blogging nobody talks about, how if you want to take nice photos of a location in your house, first you have to clean it. Yes, you COULD Photoshop out the dirt and dust, but that might take just as much time, and then you’d still have a dirty house in the end. So really just cleaning it is the better way to go. But even though I enjoy the end result, I’m not one of those weirdos who likes cleaning and organizing–I’d much rather be making! Speaking of, here are some fun projects and ideas for your weekend.

Make this genius vintage-style felt message board.

Sew these cute potholders out of fabric scraps.

Paint a cool pattern on your floor. I just love this how this turned out!

Yuuuum, someone please bake me these cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookies.

Make this fun concrete globe lamp.

Really into this (currently on sale!) rattan rocking chair.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration

  1. Andrea Jacks says:

    It is funny you mention those cornflake marshmallow cookies, because I just made chocolate chip cookies from the same chef, Christina Tosi. (It was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on August 4th, so I brought cookies to my soccer team.) They were very good and quick to make, although they were better the next day. However, if you make these, be sure to refrigerate the cookie dough balls on the sheet prior to baking, otherwise you’ll end up with a mass of flat cookies.

    • Yum, lucky soccer team! Thanks for the tip about the flat cookies–I’ll be sure to take that part seriously if I make these.

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