Weekend Inspiration

Canon Beach, Oregon

Went to Canon Beach last weekend (which you might recognize from The Goonies). It was a good 20 degrees colder than in town, so it was definitely a good way to beat the heat–maybe too good!

I have a well-documented love of avocados, so I’m intrigued by avocado pickles. Would you try them?

Another weird thing to try: Adding fresh rosemary to coffee. I threw some sprigs into my coffee this morning, and I like it!

There’s still plenty of time this summer to make this cool outdoor bar, complete with poured concrete top.

A fun upgrade for wood cutting boards.

These ice-dyed pillows are so pretty that now I want to try the technique.

If you need lots of open shelves, here’s how to build stylish A-frame ladder shelves.

This week I made refreshing tzatziki, and organized my unruly earbuds with a DIY holder. I also contributed a post on spider plants to Apartment Therapy. Writing that story taught me why I killed a spider plant in the past (yes, it’s possible!), and how to keep my new ones healthy and happy.

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