Weekend Inspiration

vintage Crater Lake postcards
When we were walking home from the grocery store last week, we stopped by a little shop/art gallery that was having a patio sale. We’d never been in it before, because it’s rarely open, and it’s in a house, so it doesn’t really even look like a shop. Along with some pretty pottery, this vintage Crater Lake postcard was one of our finds, and now it hangs in our house. It brings back memories of the time we visited Crater Lake (Oregon’s only national park), and is a good reminder to go on more adventures. Which is what I’ll be doing this weekend, driving out to Eastern Oregon for a fun little getaway.

This wooden bead message garland is pretty genius.

Give your vase a (temporary) tattoo.

This DIY market backpack looks like it would be perfect for carrying home the bounty from your next trip to the farmer’s market.

It’s hard to believe that paint and tape is all it took to make this cement patio look tiled.

Crochet this pretty linen tank with the free pattern.

This week I shared resources for free art and a tutorial for how to make an easy poster hanger, made baked falafel, and a post I wrote for Apartment Therapy about Christmas cactus care went up.

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