Weekend Inspiration


This week I’ve been working on lots of behind-the-scenes projects and yard work, but I made a moon phases wall hanging, and cooked up a batch of (baked) fried avocado tacos. Have a wonderful weekend!

What a lovely chair transformation.

This chocolate cobbler looks amazing. If you need something healthy to counteract all of that chocolate, this beautiful heirloom tomato and herb salad or kale potato pancakes might get you craving fruits and vegetables.

A whole new world has opened up now that I know you can change the color of your appliances with vinyl. What color would you go for?

Is your denim jacket in need of a change-up? Use these denim customization tips and tricks to give it some flair. These free printable patches would also be a good addition, and I like the idea of embroidering over them.

I love this post about how and why to try new things. Who else wants to start a list of new things to try? I’m going to try ziplining soon, so I need to write my list quickly so I can tick that one off 😉

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