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Happy Friday! Fall weather looks like it’ll be starting for real this weekend, so I’m hoping to get cozy with some tea, and work on some projects. Also, we’ve been watching a ton of The Great British Bake Off (actually The Great British Baking Show in America), and it’s given me the urge to bake. Do you watch it? Neither my husband nor I watch any other reality tv whatsoever, but we both love that show. The only problem is that we’ve run out of episodes on Netflix and Amazon. We must figure out a way to watch more–where there’s a will there’s a way!

Baking Show + mug of tea + knitting this gorgeous oversized sweater = perfect fall evening.

Not into knitting? Then try weaving your own pillow instead.

Warning, this amazing camper makeover might make you want to end your lease and take up life on the road.

Learn how to turn shoeboxes into chic storage.

This cucumber watermelon sangria sounds incredibly refreshing.

Uh oh, the cats are taking over.

This DIY staircase runner made from vintage rugs is too good.

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