Weekend Inspiration

This week I shared a recipe for vegan tofu banh mi (Vietnamse sandwiches), and some DIY Halloween decorating ideas.

Flower shop Solabee is having a west coast designer popup sale this Saturday that looks like a fun afternoon.

Get organized by making your own felt storage bin.

My inner cat lady told me I had to share this cute DIY cat mirror.

Whoa, this is one of the coolest carved pumpkins I’ve ever seen!

I’ve never made my own Pop Tarts, but I’d be happy to start with a chocolate caramel bourbon version. Definitely more for dessert than breakfast, though.

Ugh, when it comes to US politics, this week has been pretty jam-packed with ugly scenes (proof that the debates would be way better with Arrested Development narration). The misogyny and sexism on display has just been staggering, so if you’re as fed up with it as I am, make sure you’re ready to vote! We’re already past registration deadlines in some states, but there’s still time in others, so if you’re not registered, get it done! Voting is a right us women shouldn’t take for granted, since we really haven’t had it that long.

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