Weekend Inspiration

This week I shared how to make graphic statement t-shirts with stencils and iron-ons, a recipe for vegan slow cooker lentil, kale, and carrot curry, and an article I wrote about what I’ve learned from owning an old house went up on Apartment Therapy. I’m looking forward to this weekend, because my grandma is visiting, and I’ll get to see one of my sisters try on wedding dresses. I’m sure I’ll fit in some time for projects, too. Here are some I’m eyeing.

Love these ideas for zero waste fall decorations.

Speaking of zero waste, make these concrete pumpkins, and you’ll never need to buy another mini pumpkin for the rest of your life.

Get ready for Halloween by printing some fun free printable floral skull art.

Bake a cute Halloween black cat cake.

Who else wants to move into this rustic cottage full of charming details?

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