Weekend Inspiration

hand earrings
This week I shared an updated tour of my dining room, a tutorial on how to make brass hand earrings, and a recipe for gingerbread apple muffins. Lately I’ve been extra busy with some freelance work, so I’ll be plugging away on that this weekend, in between trying to fit in time with visiting family.

Sick of the usual Halloween decorations? While the this black Halloween tablescape is stunning, for a totally different Halloween party decor idea, consider this white minimalist “ghost bar.”

Knit yourself this blanket sweater, and get ready to get super cozy.

These oversized faux-stone hair bobbles look like a fun project.

These teen boys give me hope for the future.

This use of copper tape on picture frame matting is genius.

Wow, these Korean women divers, who dive to the bottom of the sea without oxygen tanks, are amazing.

P.S. Want to discover more inspiring women? I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to the topic.

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