Weekend Inspiration

Happy Friday! Here in Portland we hardly ever get real snow, so yesterday’s accumulation of less than an inch, plus a coating of ice on top, really ground things to a halt around here. Some people love to complain about how unprepared we are for snow, but I think they need to chill out. There really isn’t much that can’t wait a day or two, so unless you’re an ER doctor, drink some tea, stay cozy, and enjoy the snow day while it lasts. That said, I’ll be playing catch-up a bit this weekend after the ice is melted, trying to fit in those holiday errands that I’ve missed out on this week. Here are some things I’d rather be enjoying, though:

Learn how to make this vintage-looking wood stool from modern materials.

Add a natural touch to your fabric by printing it with leaves.

These pomegranate caramel brownies look amazing.

This concrete wall sconce is a really interesting use of materials.

I was surprised to find out that this super cute fingerless glove pattern is crochet, not knit, so if you’re a crocheter, ready your hooks!

This week I shared a recipe for salted peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and a tutorial for how to make your own neon sign.

More important now than ever: Dorothea Lange’s haunting photos of Japanese-Americans in US concentration camps during World War II.

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