Weekend Inspiration

Make this Christmas star wall hanging with air dry clay, string, and a branch
This week I shared some simple Christmas decor ideas, and a tutorial for how to make holiday star wall hangings in a couple of styles. So while I’ve started decorating for the holidays, we still don’t have our Christmas tree up. We have our tree, but it’s outside. This year we’re renting a living, potted tree from a local plant shop, and they said it should only be inside for 2 weeks, so we’ve been waiting to put it inside and decorate it. Tree-trimming is definitely part of the plan for this weekend! Is your tree up and all decorated already?

This copper mistletoe is such a pretty little project.

Make giant cross-stitch wall art.

Learn how to make gorgeous floral holiday wreaths.

Speaking of wreaths, this pompom wreath is really fun.

There are so many holiday markets coming up this weekend in Portland! I haven’t decided which ones to go to after I’m done trimming my tree, but The Portland Bazaar, Remodelista Market, and Pop-Up Shop PDX all look tempting.

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