Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration

I’ve been feeling kind of discombobulated this week after Steven surprised me with a little mid-week overnight trip to the coast for Valentine’s Day. We stayed in the Sou’wester, which is a funny campground/lodge/motel park in southern Washington where you can stay in a vintage travel trailer. It was cute and very up my alley, but there was a WILD storm with roaring winds and rain all Tuesday night, so the noise wasn’t so good for sleeping in a trailer. Plus at like 4AM the outside door to the bedroom flew open! It was funny after we were done being freaked out, haha, and I think I’m still catching up on sleep. It was definitely a fun, memorable little trip, though. This is Steven in the trailer, attempting to make the same face as that kitschy glitter-covered deer on the table:

But onto the links. Lately I’ve been feeling like I need some new sources of inspiration. So I’d like to ask a favor: Please tell me your favorite blogs! I’d love to discover some new ones. Interiors, plants, DIY, or vegan recipes are all good starting points, but more offbeat recommendations are totally welcome, too.

Make this stylish brass stand to hold your photos and art.

My style role models for when I get older.

I adore the many unexpected details in this house tour. I think my favorite part is the bathroom. Would the poster creep you out? Not me!

Came across this super cool flip clock the other day, but I’d settle for this one as a much more affordable substitute.


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