Weekend Inspiration

rainbow knitting
Started a new knitting project this week, and my living room rainbows decided to get in on the action. It’s a cowl, and I’m making the pattern up as I go along because I like to live dangerously. This weekend I’ll be trying to finish it up, and hopefully I can share the results, and the final pattern, soon. Other than that, right now I’m in organizing mode. Maybe I can blame spring, but for whatever reason, I’ve decided I need to fix up my closet and pantry. They’re both weird, awkward spaces without straightforward storage solutions, and I’m pretty sure they’ll both involve some Ikea hacking. Any advice from fellow Ikea-hackers?

Speaking of Ikea hacks, love these Ikea rag rugs turned into storage baskets.

This no-sew felt pennant looks like a fun, quick little project.

The prettiest hangers ever. Sequins and velvet, oh my.

Crochet some quick waffle-stitch potholders.

Learn how to make a dreamy kokedama hanging plant garden.

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