Wood Slice Lazy Susan Ikea Hack

The idea behind this wood slice Lazy Susan was to make my cooking essentials easier to access. Like a lot of people, I keep some staples next to my stove, so that they’re always handy when I need them. Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper were corralled on a little tray to help keep them neat. The tall oil and vinegar went in the back, with the salt and pepper in the front. But after I added some specialty salts and oils to the mix, things started to get a bit messy and difficult to access. I decided to use a Lazy Susan to make it easier to reach everything without knocking anything over. And of course making it pretty was a priority, so I gave an Ikea turntable a rustic makeover with a wood slice.

Turn a wood slice into a useful Lazy Susan with this easy Ikea hack.
I could also picture this wood slice Lazy Susan being used as a condiment holder on a tabletop. Or make sure that your favorite snack is never out of reach, and use it to serve food, like cookies or appetizers.Turn a wood slice into a useful Lazy Susan with this easy Ikea hack.

Turn a wood slice into a useful Lazy Susan with this easy Ikea hack.

Wood Slice Lazy Susan


Wood slice – At least 8″ in diameter, the more round, the better. I used a birch round I bought at Michaels.
Ikea Lazy Susan – While you could make this with a similar Lazy Susan/turntable, I used this one because the hardware was possible to disassemble, which isn’t true of many.
Wood sealer – I used this indoor/outdoor spray sealer.


Drill bit
Socket wrench
Wood Slice Lazy Susan Ikea Hack


1. You’ll want to seal the wood slice to protect it from moisture and grease in the kitchen. Pull off or cut loose pieces of bark (or glue down pieces that are loose that you want to retain.) I used a satin finish indoor/outdoor wood sealer that recommended at least three coats, so I did those on the bottom and sides, let it dry enough to handle, then flipped it over and did the same on the top. (I set the wood slice up on painter’s pyramids during this step, but you could prop it on something else.) Let the sealer dry for the recommended amount of time.

2. Now you need to take the Lazy Susan apart. Find a socket wrench that fits the nut on the bottom of the turntable, and unfasten it.
Wood Slice Lazy Susan Ikea Hack

Once you remove the bottom base, you’ll be left with a piece held to the top with three small screws. Unscrew them.

Wood Slice Lazy Susan Ikea Hack

Wood Slice Lazy Susan Ikea Hack

Now you’ve disassembled the Lazy Susan. Set aside the old top.

3. Put the wood slice face down, with what will be the bottom side upwards. Place the upper part of the metal bracket, the one that attaches with three screws, on the center of the wood slice.  Mark the locations of the three screws with a pencil, then drill pilot holes (be careful not to drill through the wood!). With the middle screw in the bracket, pointing outwards, attach the turntable mechanism to the wood slice. Then use the socket wrench to attach the nut that holds the bottom base piece of wood in place.

Wood Slice Lazy Susan Ikea Hack

Flip it over, and give it a spin!Wood Slice Lazy Susan Ikea Hack
Turn a wood slice into a useful Lazy Susan with this easy Ikea hack.

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