Weekend Inspiration

Happy Friday! Today I’m off to a wedding of good friends in Oakland, California, for the weekend. It’s so nice when your friends and family find the right person to settle down with, isn’t it? I used to be cynical about marriage, but over the years I’ve become much more sentimental about it. Plus, when friends get married, then you get to go to a party with people you like who you might not otherwise get to see. The only downside for this one is that I’ll be missing a few precious days of the cherry blossoms in my yard. That’s the view, above. Just a reminder to enjoy the spring blooms while you can, because they won’t last forever!

Speaking of weddings, I was lured in by the photos of the rock-candy cupcakes, but then I discovered the whole shoot for this (imaginary) crystal- and rock-themed wedding, and fell in love. So many pretty ideas!

The chime on my front porch, above, is this one. Just visited that shop, Dea Dia, in person for the first time, and they have lots of lovely stuff.

Love this balloon poetry.

Inspired by this list of Portland businesses helping people negatively affected by the Trump regime. So many of them are women-owned, too.

This art deco dresser makeoever is surprisingly chic. The book the project is from looks like it has lots of great ideas and instructions.

Proof that cats like people after all. (One of mine is currently in her preferred spot, on my desk. Don’t need a study to tell me that she definitely likes me.)

I’ve been going to yoga pretty regularly, so I think I need to make this DIY yoga mat spray.

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