Weekend Inspiration

Caught this guy lurking among my plants. I wonder what sort of mischief he’s up to….

Happy Easter weekend! However you celebrate, I hope it’s lovely. I think I’m still traumatized from the last time I encountered an Easter bunny, ha, so I’ll just be taking it easy this weekend.


This tutorial for updating and replacing the art on an old canvas is really clever.

If your canvas needs a simple frame after its makeover, here’s a tutorial for that, too.

Or maybe art on canvas isn’t your style, and you’d prefer some awesome geometric wood art.

Follow this detailed tutorial to make your own concrete geometric diamond.

Macrame plus plants? Yes please!

Don’t ever let anyone convince you that a vegan diet is one of deprivation. These vegan coconut fudge brownies say otherwise.

Love these modern stained glass pieces.

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