DIY Mother’s Day Gifts


DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

I’m pretty sure that in least in the US, you can’t make it out of childhood without making some sort of DIY Mother’s Day gifts. No matter how bad they are, supposedly moms love them anyway, but I’m not so sure that most macaroni necklaces ever get worn. Now that you’re an adult, maybe it’s time to make up for the past, and create a gift for your mom that she would love even if it wasn’t made by you. Here are 10 DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that there’s still time to make!Want to make someone special a DIY gift? Here are 10 gifts you can make yourself.

Moon phases wall art | Soap rocks
Leather storage binsCutting/serving board with leather handle
Feminist candles | Hanging plant holder
Brass hand earrings | Marble and copper tray
Mounted staghorn fern | Concrete ring cones

P.S. Friendly reminder: Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 14. If none of these ideas struck your fancy, I have lots more in my DIY archives.

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