Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration

purple painted fern

Happy Friday! I can’t even handle how pretty it is outside right now. Even though the weather is giving me whiplash, all of the plants are coming up and the flowers are starting to bloom, and I’m even eating asparagus and rhubarb from my own garden. That purple painted Japanese fern in the photo above is unfurling its fronds in my front yard right now, and I love it. So while I should probably try some of these spring-cleaning tips, I’ll be trying to spend some of this weekend enjoying spring, and I hope you get to do the same!

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These copper heels are a fun way to refresh old shoes.

Super cute splatter-paint dishes.

A stylish take on the same splatter-paint idea, but with Ikea pitchers.

Speaking of Ikea, these painted baskets are a great hack.

I think I need one of these Paloma-Margarita cocktails this weekend. Mezcal + grapefruit + margaritas sounds like a winning combo.

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