Spring Guest Room Refresh

Spring Guest Room Refresh

This spring I’ve embarked on a few too many home improvement projects. The one that I’ve made the most progress on is fixing up my closet, but this one is WAY more fun, and less work. Minted reached out about refreshing my home with some art, and having seen their art on some of the prettiest walls on the internet, I was happy to have the chance to pick out some pieces for our guest room.

Guest room art

Here’s the first piece we picked out, ‘Torched.‘ It’s understated and calming, which seemed perfect for this spot that already has a lot going on with the bookshelf/console.

Something I wonder about sometimes when I see well-designed homes is how the person executing the design deals with letting their partner have a say in the art and decor. Do they pick stuff out together? What if one person hates something, do they have veto power? I’m guessing that a lot of couples just leave all of the decisions to the design-savvy half, but maybe collaboration is more common. The point is that I have no idea, because hardly anyone talks about it!

Guest room art


So I’m going to share how Steven and I picked art out together, which is actually similar to how many decor decisions get made around here.

Step 1: We talked about some spaces we would like to put new art, and agreed on a few.

Step 2: We each separately browsed the Minted limited edition art section, and either favorited pieces we liked, or sent each other links.

Step 3: We looked for overlap in our selections, and pieces that the other had picked that we both liked.

Step 4: From the ones we both liked, we decided on a few pieces, and then discussed the frames and mounting that would go well with the art and the rest of the room. The ability to see how each option would look helped a ton!

Step 5: We reviewed our choices together, and then put in our order.

We didn’t really think about it in terms of separate steps while we were doing it, but this is essentially what it came down to. Steven has a degree in art, with a minor in art history, so he definitely has opinions about what we put on our walls. I have no art degrees, just strong opinions, ha. Luckily, our tastes generally mesh really well, so it wasn’t difficult to find art that we both liked. But that is the most important thing, both of us liking it, because in the past we didn’t check in with each other on that, and ended up with art that one of us bought, but the other one didn’t like.

So I’m curious, how do you pick out art with your partner (or other people you live with)?
Here are some other pieces that we considered for the room.
Limited edition art from Minted

Top row: Mingle | Shining Statement
Middle row: Cold Camel | Gossamer
Bottom row: Undertow | Melt

Guest room art
In the above photo, you can see the hairpin leg bench I made from wood left over from my kitchen shelves. Oh, and see those curtain holdbacks on the window? They’re leaves Steven cast in metal when he was getting his degree in sculpture. We didn’t have a use for them for a long time, but eventually figured out that they’d work perfectly here.

Here’s the other side of the room, with the other piece we picked out, ‘Misty Forest.’

Guest room art


A funny thing about our cat Delicious is that she is obsessed with getting petted on this bed, and goes running to it any time we go near it. She has always been excited about getting petted on a bed, but this became her happy place when I broke 22 bones a few years ago, and was petting her here practically all day. So while it was the worst time in my life, it was the best for her. I’ve accused her of bribing someone to incapacitate me. I can’t be too mad at this cute little monster, though.

Guest room art


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2 thoughts on “Spring Guest Room Refresh

  1. That’s a very interesting point.
    I actually just refreshed the art in our living room and removed some posters Octave had had forever in his bachelor pad and put them in our office. We decided on printing one of the pictures he took in Mound Hood last year for the living good… and it’s pretty much the exact picture you chose to put above the bed in this room! It took us a loooong time to chose a picture, and then a format, and then a printing method. But we’re pretty satisfied of the result and might repeat the experience for our bedroom (I’m thinking coastal sceneries).
    I love the art you selected, and reading about your selection process. Thanks for sharing it!

    – Chloe

    1. Chloe, printing your own photos for wall art is a great idea! I always mean to do that, but never get around to figuring out what I want to print. Mt. Hood is always a good choice, though, and now maybe you have an excuse to go to the coast to take more pictures 🙂

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