Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration

It's ok to make mistakes

This week, I made a lot of mistakes, and while they were all potentially avoidable, I was doing what I thought was best at the time! I started to get down about it, and then I realized that unless you never try anything new, you’ll make rookie mistakes. And that’s ok. In fact, screwing up is the best way to learn how to do better. I’ll be doing my best to remember that as I no doubt make even more mistakes this weekend 🙂

Another reminder: Even professional designer and internet-darling Emily Henderson makes mistakes.

I’m feeling the need for a dance party in my living room, so I’ll be spinning some records on my DIY suitcase record player this weekend.

I’m lucky that I live within walking distance of a couple of great plant shops (including Pistils), but if you are looking for certain tough-to-find specimens, Pistils Nursery will mail them to you. (OMG, this just made me think of a plant-of-the-month club. Does that exist? If not, it should!)

It’s supposed to be hot here this weekend, but these cucumber mint gin coolers look like the perfect summer drink.


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4 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration

  1. I love this sentiment- mistakes are learning opportunities! It’s so true! BTW, I had the opportunity to visit your beautiful city recently and I so love Portland! What a great place! I hope to go back some day for a longer stay.

    1. Phillylass, glad you had a nice time here, and yeah, definitely come back soon. I’ve been wanting to write a Portland guide series, so maybe you can use that when you come back.

  2. I make so many sewing mistakes sometimes it does threaten to derail my mojo! And the mistakes are often just because I was going to fast from one step to the next or better yet because I didn’t think I HAD to read the instructions or better yet check online for what others have discovered about and adjusted in the pattern. I’ve discovered that this has taught me so much in other areas of my life too – to slow down – stop racing to the finish line – love the PROCESS as much as if not more than the completion.

    1. Oh gosh, yes, Kathleen, I’ve done ALL of those things, in sewing and on other projects. That seems like a very good lesson to take away, though. I’ll try to remember that, too, and thank you for sharing!

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