New concrete and gold plant pot designs

Hello! It’s been a while, and I’ve missed you guys, but I’ve been SO BUSY lately that I haven’t had a chance to blog. It’s been kind of a crazy few weeks, with me trying to finish up some big freelance projects before going on a trip. In the last few weeks I built the biggest thing I’ve ever built, in record-setting heat (high 90s for days). While it was really hard work, I learned a lot, and got it (mostly) done.

And now I’m in Ireland for the first time, for the wedding of some friends. I spent the past few days in Limerick, and just arrived in Dublin. So while I’m gone, I thought I’d share a quick how-to for my new favorite concrete and gold pot designs. I made these two pots for my tv segment, and loved how the designs turned out.

DIY concrete and gold plant pots

You can find the instructions for pouring the actual pots in my original post on making concrete and gold plant pots, with additional tips here. I’m just going to share how I made the designs for the two pots above.
DIY concrete and gold plant potsFor the triangle one, I cut two thin strips of painter’s tape with an X-acto knife and used them to define the inner triangle. Then I used two more strips to create the outer border of the lines around the triangle.

DIY concrete and gold plant pots

.DIY concrete and gold plant pots

The moon pot was kind of a happy accident. When I was on tv, I was using it to show one of the steps of adding polka-dots to the pots. I used a 1/2″ hole punch to make the dot templates from the tape, and I had already put them on the pot and painted them with the gold-leaf adhesive. But after I had done the show, I decided to experiment, and used the leftover center holes I had punched from the tape to mask off crescent moon shapes before I applied the gold. The adhesive I had already painted on darkened the concrete in the rest of the circle, but I actually really like the effect. Hooray for “mistakes!”

DIY concrete and gold plant pots

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