Weekend Inspiration


Photo from my trip to Ireland. See more on Instagram.

Having just gotten back from Ireland on Wednesday night, I’m going to be spending a lot of time this weekend trying to re-adjust and re-teach my brain when to sleep. Jetlag is making everything just a bit fuzzy, so it’s harder to catch up on all of the things I need to get done. This post did give me the perfect excuse to find cool stuff I’ve missed online in the past week, though.

What a fun mountain shelf project.

Wow, hard to believe that you can make this round wood mirror yourself.

A cute DIY for cactus fans. No green thumb required!

Get a jump on fall fashion by making these easy brass tassel earrings. (I also have a tutorial for brass tassel earrings, but these are a different take on the idea.)

This chili lime and sea salt watermelon sounds interesting and delicious. I want to try making a popsicle version!

Having just enjoyed the floral-patterned wallpapers of Ireland, I’m perfectly primed to love Anthropologie’s Liberty collaboration. Are you into it?

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