Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration


Horsetail Falls

Hello friends. Sorry to be a downer, but this has been a hard week for me. It was my birthday on Tuesday, and ash rained down on my city and blocked out the sun as the beautiful Columbia River Gorge burned. I grew up visiting the gorge’s waterfalls and trails, and taking it for granted that they would always be there. Hiking to the top of Multnomah Falls is one of my earliest memories. So this hurts, and combined with the DACA decision on Tuesday, I was in no mood to celebrate. So I didn’t. Instead I wrote emails to my state legislative representatives asking them to ban fireworks (teens with fireworks started the fire in the gorge). This too shall pass, and feeling sad about it does nobody any good, so I’ll be trying to cheer myself up this weekend. What are your favorite ways to lighten your mood?

Need a weekend project? This DIY upholstered bench looks easy and stylish.

Making this vegan tzatziki as soon as my garden provides a cucumber or two.

Wow, this DIY beaded chandelier is stunning.

This fun, colorful house tour is just filled with inspiration.

Right now I have throw pillows on my mind, and these leaf-print ones sure are cute.

A smart trick I’ll be using the next time I fly.

Urban Outfitters is having a big furniture sale right now, and I love these pink folding chairs, this adorable table, and all of the velvet sofas.

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