July Favorites

July Favorites

Happy Friday! Until I sat down to write this post, I was thinking that I hadn’t done that much in July. But I actually did way more than I realized. Definitely a nice surprise, and better than the other way around!

July 2018 highlights


I put together some really easy tortoiseshell hoop earrings. Along with the first set of tortoiseshell earrings I made, I’ve been wearing these a lot!

Since I need storage for all of my DIY jewelry, I made my own secret hidden jewelry storage, and art to go with it.


It’s been way too hot here lately, so ice-cold strawberry watermelon froses were the perfect way to keep cool.

Already thinking about making another batch of this delicious jalapeno eggless “egg salad” tofu spread.


Make a vertical garden by wall-mounting your plants. #plant #plants #houseplants

Though I made lots of satisfying progress on my breakfast nook makeover, I still need to make cushions!

Over at Curbly, I rounded up 7 ways to build floating shelves (including the two methods I used for my kitchen shelves and breakfast nook shelves.)

If you think you don’t have a green thumb, this list of 5 easy plants you won’t kill is for you.

When I was writing up this piece on how to attract hummingbirds to your yard, I discovered that Spencer Pratt, that guy from the reality show The Hills, is obsessed with hummingbirds. I would never have predicted that in a million years.

For those of us running out of room for plants on horizontal surfaces, I wrote up a tutorial on how to wall-mount plants. Mine are doing quite well on my bathroom wall!

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