Weekend Inspiration

Weekend Inspiration

Happy Friday! Aside from a tiny bit of snow last week, this year we’ve had a relatively warm and dry winter. But there’s snow on the forecast tonight and for the next several days, so that might be about to change. I know a lot of people are sick of winter, but we get so little snow here that it’s fun when it happens, and I have my fingers crossed that we get a few inches. Although going traipsing around in the snow might be a bit tricky–I broke the zipper on my winter coat yesterday. I thought it still fit over my growing belly, but it didn’t. Oops!

These free printable retro Valentine’s Day cards are goofy and cute, perfect if you don’t take the holiday too seriously.

Portland is rightfully known for its rainy climate, so I’m thinking I definitely need to try out a pair of these ethically-made, chic rain boots this spring.

This home tour definitely made me want to find a cozy little beach shack to restore.

Despite being on medication for it, lately it’s been a constant struggle to figure out what I can eat that will give me the least heartburn. Oatmeal is definitely healthy and safe, though, so I’m looking forward to trying these baked oatmeal breakfast cups. Between the six sweet types and the savory ones, I’m having trouble deciding which to try first. Which sound the best to you?

Make your own wire plant-leaf wall art with this tutorial and template. (You might need google translate for this one.)

I’ve seen lots of natural dyeing techniques, but this is the first time I’ve seen wood dyed with red wine, and I’m intrigued. What do you think, do you want to give it a try?

Although I originally made them for Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason you can’t eat these quick and easy chocolate peanut butter pretzel hearts year-round.

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