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Watermelon Mint Popsicles and Sake Slushies

Ready for the easiest frozen treats you’ve ever made? These watermelon mint popsicles have literally two ingredients (spoiler: they’re both in the title). If you’re worried about added sugar, don’t be–these don’t have any aside from what nature put in the watermelon. But if you’re up for something slightly more complicated, you can make a frozen slushie cocktail […]

Strawberry and Granola Yogurt Popsicles

Although summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21, we’ve already got triple digit temperatures in the forecast for this weekend. So as far as I’m concerned, summer is here. Which means that it’s iced coffee and popsicle season. And why not start with both first thing in the morning? These strawberry granola yogurt popsicles are […]

Cantaloupe Chili Mint Popsicles

When you complain on social media about the temperature in Portland getting up to 100 F, people in southern locations tend to make fun of you for being a baby about the heat. But what they don’t realize is that since summer is normally pretty mild here, most people have no air conditioning. We just […]